Aims Philosophy and Values

BSC aims to offer a high standard of education to both Egyptian and international students in Cairo, through the adoption of the main principles of teaching and learning reflected in the National Curriculum of England.

We aspire to be an outstanding educational organisation by:

- Striving for excellence;

- Meeting international standards of best practice in all aspects of the educational process;

- Empowering students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes which will enable them to explore hidden talents, and experiment, question, observe and apply what they are learning at their own pace and in their own way;

- Establishing and maintaining a school culture in which each and every student and staff member is valued, esteemed and encouraged;

- Creating a work environment where teachers are motivated to teach with passion and make continuous improvement in the quality of their teaching.



Excellence: Students at BSC are constantly challenged to excel and achieve to the best of their potential.

Enrichment: Our challenging curriculum is tailored to the individual needs, strengths and interests of each student.

Empowerment: Through the recognition and development of their strengths and talents, our students will learn actively through student-centred approaches, and will develop their skills and be encouraged to achieve learner autonomy.

Lifelong Learning: Students at BSC become active learners and researchers, who are encouraged to make scholarship and the development of new skills a life-time habit.

Citizenship: We are dedicated to the development of the student as an active learner, a collaborator, and as a citizen of his/ her community and the world.  Our students will develop a sense of self-worth and self-discipline.

Parental Participation: We believe that parent involvement is vital to the well-being of students and the school

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