The School broadly follows the English National Curriculum in all age groups, alongside the Egyptian National Curriculum in Arabic and Religion from Year 1 onwards, and the Egyptian National Curriculum in Social Studies from Year 4 onwards. A Cambridge international curriculum is followed in core subjects in Primary and Key Stage Three, leading to Cambridge Checkpoints external examinations in Years 6 and 8 in English, Mathematics and Science. Pupils also study Arabic from Nursery (Foundation Stage One/ FS1), aged 3.5-4.5 years old at least, and Religion in Arabic from Reception (FS2), aged 4.5-5.5 years old.

Regular Arabic, Religion and Egyptian Social Studies exams are held throughout the year, especially during the main Mid-Year and End-Year exam sessions under the supervision of the Egyptian Ministry of Education (MoE).

Swimming and a third language (either French or German) are introduced from Year One onwards.

In Year 9, pupils enter the Senior School/ IGCSE Section, doing first one year of “Pre-IGCSE” or “IGCSE Core” Studies, with external exams held under the aegis of the British Council in five core subjects – English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology, as well as external MoE Arabic, Religion and Egyptian Social Studies exams.

Pupils then choose which subjects to study each year, usually for a further three years, for IGCSE O Levels, AS and A2/ A Levels. The British School in Cairo has long served as a British Council-approved Examination Centre for those examinations, and is subject to regular inspections.

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