Extra-Curricular Successes and Charity Fundraisers

A new soccer after-school club has been set up for young children, which is increasingly popular, along with a longstanding Swimming Academy for all age groups. A variety of creative and original end-year concerts took place in December and January, many in full costumes and with those in Key Stage One and Key Stage Two including songs in up to four different languages (English, French, German, Spanish and French). Some performances also involved lively role plays, poems and dances. A winter fund-raising Fun Day raised funds for a special activity day for over a hundred orphans to take place in the spring on the school premises. Pupils also raised many thousands of pounds for two hospitals in Cairo, the Children’s Cancer Hospital and Abo El Reesh Hospital. Pupils enthusiastically planned and organised a variety of fundraising initiatives, including a very successful series of bake sales set up by Key Stage Three children, as part a humanities unit on business and budgets.

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