Alumni Graduation Party

Last year’s graduates returned to the premises for an Alumni Graduation Celebration, led by Ms Ama’l Amer, IGCSE Principal and Coordinator. Some recent school-leavers even flew back to Cairo especially for the much-anticipated event, after starting university courses abroad. An increasingly large number of graduates have opted to study overseas in recent years, in countries including the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Sweden and Malaysia. Many others have entered highly competitive faculties, such as Medicine, Dentistry and Engineering, in Egypt, in both the state and private sectors.

The School has responded to a growing demand for places by expanding its buildings and campus, inaugurating both an entirely new building for the senior school and a new bus park. It has also increased the number of catering options, with an exciting new option of regular set menus providing hot, healthy and balanced two-course meals with a side salad - all for an affordable price. Last but not least, a new e-learning platform and school data management system has lately been developed to streamline communications between pupils, parents and staff members.

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